Flowers feed the soul

A garden is the ideal place to retreat from the hectic pace of daily routines. The brightly-coloured flowers are an invitation to relax and feel at home. Calliope® makes beautiful blooming eye-catchers which will brighten up your garden.

Enjoy your urban balcony with Calliope

Create your own plant paradise in the middle of the city. With beautiful coloured plants, nice furniture and accessories, you can turn your balcony into your own happy place to sit back and relax. Calliope is the perfect choice to add this colour to your balcony. They can survive intense heat as well as temporary drought, are easy to care for and keep producing flowers all summer long.

Vertical shutter garden

Colourful geraniums, foliage plants and herbs in hand-sewn oilcloth bags transform old shutters into an on-trend vertical garden with minimum effort.

Unique designs for a city balcony: decorative nail polish pots

Nail polish transforms plain white planters into quirky designs to set off geraniums and other balcony plants decoratively.

“Calliope” the perfect gift to enjoy all summer long

Flowers are the perfect gift for all sort of occasions, whether you are going on a visit, celebrating a birthday or for example as a Mother’s Day present. Calliope is a gift that keeps on giving flowers all summer long. It has a low maintenance and brings colour to every garden due to its intense colours. This geranium will make a great impression to the recipient and will surely put a smile on their face!

Ultimate table decor for the warm summer nights

Summer is just around the corner. During the warm summer nights the temperature is perfect for outdoor dining. The fresh air is the ultimate start or ending to a relaxing day. Weather you are enjoying your beverages in your garden, terrace or balcony, it will put you in a holiday mood right away.