Flowers feed the soul

A garden is the ideal place to retreat from the hectic pace of daily routines. The brightly-coloured flowers are an invitation to relax and feel at home. Calliope® makes beautiful blooming eye-catchers which will brighten up your garden.

It is proven that gardening is healthy. A study in the Netherlands, cited by CNN, suggests that gardening fights stress even better than other hobbies. So a perfect place to spend your weekends and turn your garden into that relaxing place to retreat.

When choosing a spot for geraniums it should be kept in mind that this plant is a sun-worshipper. To thrive and flower throughout the season, it needs a place with full sun or at most partial shade. Apart from sun the second important part for Calliope® is water. Because as much as they love the sun and survive periods of drought, they still need watering.

During the season it is important to remove the dead flowers by breaking off the flower stem at the base – this will encourage more flowers to be produced. Enjoy more flowers in vibrant colours until late into the Autumn!

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