Colours & types

Calliope® is available in a large selection of vibrant colours and sizes to fit any space.
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Calliope® M

Calliope® M is the most popular Calliope® It is a great all-rounder with very deep, striking colours that last all summer long and with an outstanding garden performance. This series consists of 13 colours and is medium vigorous. Calliope® M is ideal for flower beds, patio pots and window boxes.

Calliope® M White

Calliope® M Violet

Calliope® M Red

Calliope® M Pink

Calliope® M Rose Splash

Calliope® M Deep Rose

Calliope® M Dark Red

Calliope® M Dark Red Dark Leaf

Calliope® M Hot Pink

Calliope® M Pink Splash

Calliope® M Red Splash

Calliope® M Scarlet Red

Calliope® l

Calliope® L is the super-sized Calliope® that is ideal for large containers and can also be used as a standalone due to its size. It is also great for beds with its striking colours and upright growth habit. This series has 7 exciting colors that will give you maximum flower power.

Calliope® L Lavender Splash

Calliope® L Deep Coral

Calliope® L Dark Red

Calliope® L Rose Splash

Calliope® L Hot Rose

Calliope® L  Soft Coral

Calliope® landscape

Calliope® Landscape is great for ground cover in beds and borders because it has a broad and bushy growth habit. It also looks fantastic in hanging baskets. Its self-cleaning flowers will blow off or simply melt away when old, making Calliope® Landscape a “low maintenance” plant. This series consists out of 5 colors.

Calliope® Landscape Pink

Calliope® Landscape Rose

Calliope® Landscape Orange

Calliope® Landscape Deep Red

Calliope® Landscape Fire

Calliope® Cascade

Calliope® Cascade is similar to Calliope® Landscape but with a more trailing habit so it has the wow factor in hanging baskets. It can also be used in patio pots or part of a combination. Just like Calliope® Landscape it’s self- cleaning flowers will blow off or simply melt away when old, making the Calliope® Cascade a “low maintenance” plant as well. This series has 3 different colours giving you the flower intensity to boost up your garden.

Calliope® Cascade Dark Pink

Calliope® Cascade Dark Salmon

Calliope® Cascade Red

get inspired!

Calliope® is the perfect plant to colour up your garden with its long flowering period from May to October. It loves the sunshine and gives you an outstanding garden performance. Calliope® is a true eyecatcher and can be used for different purposes in your garden, on your balcony or terrace.

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