how to take care

Taking care of Calliope® is actually really easy, the only steps you need to take are: planting, watering, weeding and fertilizing. Besides the fact that gardening is really relaxing and healthy, it is actually fun as well. The more you give to the plants, the more they will give back to you.


Plant Calliope® in a flower bed, hanging basket, pot or window box. The ideal planting time is from the end of April with frost protection. Once the frost has past then they can be put outside.


Water thoroughly after planting and let them drain. Keep the soil lightly moist for the first few weeks to help the roots grow. After that period only give water when necessary (depends on the heat and sun 1-2 times a week). with additional fertilizer.


Remove the dead flowers by breaking off the flower stem at the base - this will encourage more flowers to be produced.


Enjoy more flowers in vibrant colours until late into the Autumn


Tip 1 – Calliope® loves sun
Calliope® is a sun worshiper that flourishes in a place on a terrace or balcony where the sun shines for at least four hours a day.

Tip 2 – Calliope® needs water
Apart from sun the second important part for Calliope® is water. Because as much as they love the sun and survive periods of drought, they still need watering.

Tip 3 – Check the soil
Grow your Calliope® in compost which is lightly moist – if their leaves are droopy they need some water. Never let them stand in water as they do not like to have ‘wet feet’.

Tip 4 – Water in the evening or early in the morning
Avoid watering in direct sunlight as water on the leaves can damage them. The best time to water them is in the morning – or when you remember!

Tip 5 – Water the ground
Water the soil – not the plant: geraniums only drink with their roots; they don’t like wet leaves and flowers.

Tip 6 – Fertilizer for ornamental plants
In order to achieve and maintain Calliope’s full flowering performance we recommend to add a general purpose fertilizer for ornamental plants from the garden center. Plants in window boxes, patio pots and tubs require extra energy. You can support the growth by adding this fertilizer to your irrigation water once every two weeks (see manufacturer’s recommendation). The more you water, the more frequently you should also fertilize. You can also use biological fertilizers in flower beds and the garden, once while planting and again towards the middle of the summer. Adding slow release fertilizer granules is a also simple and easy option.

Tip 7 – The perfect timing: when is the best time for buying?
Select plants with healthy green leaves and plenty of flower buds. Keep plants protected until the frosts have passed. And remember: many stems + many buds = many flowers later at your home! You can enjoy hundreds of flowers in one season!

Big bright colored blooms that keep on flowering and flowering!

Calliope L Dark Red versus
other geraniums in the market