Intense color
that lasts

Calliope® is a Geranium unlike any other, offering intense colours, extreme flower power and outstanding garden performance. Calliope® is easy to care for and is flowering from early spring until the first frost!


The most popular

Calliope® M

Calliope® M is the most popular Calliope®. It is a great all-rounder with very deep, striking colours that last all summer long and with an outstanding garden performance.

The super-sized Calliope®

Calliope® L

Calliope® L is the super-sized Calliope® that is ideal for large containers and can also be used as a standalone due to its size.

Broad and bushy

Calliope® Landscape

Calliope® Landscape is great for ground cover in beds and borders because it has a broad and bushy growth habit. It also looks fantastic in hanging baskets.

Big bright colored blooms that keep on flowering and flowering!

Calliope® a super geranium

Check which Calliope® suits you’re purpose the best: Garden, balcony, terrace or window, flower bed, pot, box or basket. Find out which Calliope® you need for your flower idea!

Maybe you want to plant geraniums  for the first time – or maybe even plant flowers for the first time? In any case, you’re making a good choice. Because Calliope® is the easy way to colour your life. 

Take a minute to evaluate before you decide – for example, if you would like to plant your pelargoniums in flower beds, patio pots, hanging baskets or boxes. But also how many plants do you need, which type and which colours? We have displayed all the available colours and types Calliope® has to offer, so you can visit a store well prepared. 

get inspired!

Calliope® is the perfect plant to colour up your garden with its long flowering period from May to October. It loves the sunshine and gives you an outstanding garden performance. Calliope® is a true eyecatcher and can be used for different purposes in your garden, on your balcony or terrace. We would love to inspire you with DIY articles, images and tips! Explore these photos to see the many ways Calliope® can colour your life.


Taking care of Calliope® is actually really easy, the only steps you need to take are: planting, watering, weeding and fertilizing. Besides the fact that gardening is really relaxing and healthy, it is actually fun as well. The more you give to the plants, the more they will give back to you.


Plant Calliope® in a flower bed, hanging basket, pot or window box. The ideal planting time is from the end of April with frost protection. Once the frost has past then they can be put outside.


Water thoroughly after planting and let them drain. Keep the soil lightly moist for the first few weeks to help the roots grow. After that period only give water when necessary (depends on the heat and sun 1-2 times a week), with additional fertilizer.


Remove the dead flowers by breaking off the flower stem at the base - this will encourage more flowers to be produced.


Enjoy more flowers in vibrant colours until late into the Autumn