Unique designs for a city balcony: decorative nail polish pots

Nail polish transforms plain white planters into quirky designs to set off geraniums and other balcony plants decoratively.

A DIY project that’s as simple as it is quick, all you need is white pots, nail varnish in a variety of colours, wooden sticks for stirring and a large bowl or other container of water.

First drip nail polish in your chosen colours into a bowl filled with water.

Then carefully swirl with the wooden stick until an interesting pattern forms.

Finally, quickly submerge the whole pot in the water until the entire outer surface is wet. Drain the pot and leave to dry. Your unique artwork is finished.

Tip: As no two finished pots are alike, several of them standing next to each make a great feature.

Source: https://www.pelargoniumforeurope.com/en/


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