Enjoy your urban balcony with Calliope

Create your own plant paradise in the middle of the city. With beautiful coloured plants, nice furniture and accessories, you can turn your balcony into your own happy place to sit back and relax. Calliope is the perfect choice to add this colour to your balcony. They can survive intense heat as well as temporary drought, are easy to care for and keep producing flowers all summer long.

You can use Calliope® for all sort of different purposes. Calliope® M is ideal for flower beds, patio pots and balcony boxes. Calliope® L is the super-sized Calliope® that is ideal for large containers and can also be used as a standalone in a nice terrace pot due to its size. Calliope® Landscape and Calliope® Cascade look fantastic in hanging baskets.

Brighten up your balcony with Calliope, the intense colours will last all summer long!

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