Vertical shutter garden

Colourful geraniums, foliage plants and herbs in hand-sewn oilcloth bags transform old shutters into an on-trend vertical garden with minimum effort.

For these stylish planting bags you will need Calliope® M or Calliope® L, several pieces of 50cm x 24cm oilcloth, a sewing machine or needle and thread, eyelet pliers, eyelets and hooks for hanging.

To make the bags take a piece of oilcloth, measuring 50 x 24 cm. With the reverse sides facing out, fold it widthways and sew together along the sides, leaving an opening opposite the folded end. Then turn the bag right side out to hide the seams. Attach two eyelets to one layer of the oilcloth at the opening on the right and left. Plant the bags up with geraniums and hang them on hooks on the shutter.

In a homemade oilcloth bag, the colourful geranium becomes a stylish eye-catcher on an old window shutter.








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